About Farmers Finance Card


Farmers Finance Card is provided by Retail Financial Services Limited, a member of the
Flexi Cards Limited Group of companies. Building on the long-established expertise in manufacturing and selling appliances of our parent company, we created a finance service to match. Today these services are delivered to over 400,000 New Zealanders.


We believe in making finance easy for everyone.



With the incredible store network of Farmers and our other retail partners, we offer our customers a path to a great shopping experience. At the same time, we can draw on all the expertise built up over the 30+ years since Flexi Cards Limited first got into the finance business.


The story so far



Our roots stretch back to the 1970s, when Fisher & Paykel first became involved in providing finance for shoppers. We helped pioneer 'interest-free' finance and on-the-spot credit to shoppers who were looking to make big-ticket purchases in store. In the 1990s, insurance was added to the mix, providing repayment protection and extended warranty.

From there it was a short step towards offering a more comprehensive service – and so in 2003 we formed an alliance with Pascoes the Jewellers, which involved the Fisher & Paykel Financial Services Limited acquiring the finance and insurance business of The Farmers Trading Company.

Today, Farmers Finance Card has a prominent place in the wallets of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.