Privacy Policy


Your information

Your information includes any information you provide to us, we obtain about you from the use of your Card, or you authorise us to obtain from third parties. If you fail to provide information that is reasonably requested by us, we may be unable to provide you with future services. Your information will be held and used for the following purposes:

• Verifying your identity in accordance with applicable laws of New Zealand and other countries;

• Assessing your creditworthiness and managing your credit limit, from time-to-time;

• Administering and enforcing your Card Account;

• Updating and enforcing defaults;

• Offering insurance to you;

• Maintaining credit records with us, Related Companies and external agencies (including Credit Reporters);

• Marketing goods and services provided by us, a Related Company, The Farmers Trading Company Limited or any other company nominated by us;

• Preventing and detecting fraud; and

• Planning, and conducting market research, and carrying out transactional and statistical analysis.

You authorise us to:

• Obtain information about you from other sources as we may reasonably require (including from Credit Reporters at any time; and

• Retain and use information about you and your Card Account (including but not limited to repayment history, payment deferred, creditworthiness and credit history) and provide this information to Related Companies, The Farmers Trading Company Limited and external agencies for the purposes listed above (such information may be used in updating and maintaining Credit Reporters files and databases, which are accessible to their customers).

Releasing Information

We will hold your information safely and securely. However in order to provide our services to you, you agree that we may release your information:

• To our Related Companies for the purpose set out above;

• To our agents and other third parties who help us provide our services to meet our obligations and for the purposes set out above;

• To Credit Reporters who will hold your information on their systems to provide their services to third parties. This information may include “credit information” as defined in the

Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2004 (which may include without limitation repayment history, details relating to your account and payment defaults);

• To any entity, including The Farmers Trading Company Limited, who operates a loyalty programme which you or your Card Account is eligible for;

• To the Police, or any other Government or financial regulatory body who assists in the investigation, prevention and detection of crime in New Zealand or any other country;

• To any potential assignee of RFS; or

• When we are required to do so by law.


Any communications between us may be recorded for security, record keeping and training purposes.

Communicating With You

You agree that we can use electronic communication (including but not limited to, email, text messaging or instant messaging) to communicate to you for the purposes of making disclosure to you pursuant to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003, provide you with notices, changes to our terms and conditions or for any other reason. Any such communication may include a link to such information on our website. Access to and correction of your information You have the right to access and request correction of any of your information that is held by RFS. If you wish to access or request correction of any of your information, please contact RFS in writing at 111 Carlton Gore Road, Newmarket, Auckland 1023. Subject to the Privacy Act 1993, a fee may be charged for this service