SAFEGuard Insurance

If you choose to use your Farmers Card to finance those more expensive purchases at a Farmers store, then you may want to think about taking out SAFEGuard.

With SAFEGuard you have three options:



  • safeguardGoods Cover: In the event your new purchase is accidentally lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen then this Policy ensures the goods are either repaired, replaced or you receive the replacement value as a credit against your agreement. The excess is only $50 and makes Goods Cover an attractive option when compared against most Contents Policies and the loss of your no claims bonus.

  • Payment Protection: This will ensure you can still meet your repayments in the event of death, terminal illness or disability (longer than 30 consecutive days), redundancy (longer than 30 consecutive days), and bankruptcy. This is worth considering if you already have home and contents insurance with another provider.

  • Full Cover: This includes both Goods Cover and Payment Protection and is the most comprehensive
    type of insurance.

For full terms and conditions please view the policy or call 0800 855 333 for more information.

Make a claim


  • To make a claim for death, terminal illness, disability, or redundancy please complete this form.